The Favor System

In the below, there is no paper money, no banks, and in order for something to have value it must be useful. The basic unit of what passes for “currency” is the favor. Below are the generally accepted relative values of basic goods and services in terms of favors. Negotiation is always possible and these should be considered typical values only.

Small Favors

Moving goods, basic manual labor/1 day off work
Small or easily found things
Providing 1 meal
Holding an item for a day
Small or unimportant clothing or cloth: scarf, hankie etc.
Safe place to sleep for 1 night
Fortune telling (accuracy not guaranteed)
Delivering a message or an item nearby
Guide through a local, non-dangerous area

Regular Favors

Watching a stand at the market for a day.
One day of body guarding (assuming a competent bodyguard)
Safe place to sleep 1 week
Providing food for a week
Significant clothing: gloves, shoes, shirt, pants etc.
Delivering a message over a significant distance
A small weapon
Guide through a local area with some risk

Larger Favors

Bed roll or blanket
Sponsored into a fief/guild
Beating up someone up when not in a body guard position (they can walk away)
Setting up a security system in someone's sleeping area
Large or dangerous weapon
Guide through a local area which is dangerous, or has some special complication (tolls, water crossing, etc.)

Big Favors

Safe place to stay for 1 month or longer
Bodyguard services for over a month
Providing food for a month
Killing someone
Guarding against a specific dangerous threat
Large or important clothing: coat, winter boots, armor, etc.
Providing the protection of a fief/guild to someone not of that guild
Saving someone's life
Guide through a distant area or area with certain danger

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