Current Characters in Boston: Between the Cracks

Ada Gekduspinnst, automaton, and wife of Nathaniel (Sami)

Lord Adriel Sepulcher, Baron of Shroud Hollow (Andy K)

Aiyana, from the Indian tribe (Lee)

Albert Beeman, junk dealer and maker of usefull things (Jeffo O)

Bethiah Esty, The Witch of Dogtown (Roxanne W)

Candice Bronte, the Mother (Susan)

Carver, the boy who never grew up (Josh R)

Cassie Weatherthwaitte, a medium (NPC)

Lady Charity, of the Barony of Lost Words (Keri O)

Charles Mgh, Tyrant of the Red Line (Matt)

Charlie, the man who never returned, legendary guide of the Below (Eric R)

Lord Devin Dealer, of the Barony of Steam (Eddie K)

Eir, the healer (Erin)

Fiona Larus, Elder of the Gull Speakers (Myfanwy)

George, Lord High Rat Speaker (NPC)

Godwin McGinnes, King of Boston (Joshua S)

Horace Paulson, poet from the Above (NPC)

Jack, Lord of Shadowmarch (Lucas M)

Jackie, Imperatrix of the Theives Guild (Wendy M)

Jalaria, the forgetful bard (Anna C)

Janos Kovacs, the latest cuckoo (John)

John Augustus, "The Cobbler" (Cameron)

Madame Illyianna Andreako, Moldavian Witch Queen and Mad Conductor of the Black Line (Susan G)

Madame Wormwood, Ghoul seer (NPC)

Mariam Na:herin, the Patchwork Princess (Juniper)

Maxwell Hawkins, a curious man (Eric W)

Melissa, the cuckoo who missed her train (Anna B)

Nathaniel Gekduspinnst, Master Inventor (Brad S)

Nell Cabot, founder of the Word Smiths, guild of poets and writers (Lisa L)

Richard Upton Pickman, Ghoul artist (Ert)

Samuel 'Sam' Cabot, bodyguard for hire (Will W)

Lord Squeak Pip Squeak, rat patron of the arts (NPC)

Sonja, monster hunter (Carol)

Stephen Smoot, recent arrival with a Knack for everything (Lackey)

Syntyche, the Force of Vengence (Tara)

Teeth, the Rat Speaker messenger (NPC)

Tinker Taylor, dream seller (Shoshanna)

The Turk, founder of the Mummer's Glass (Alex P)

Veronica, a vampire (Mel)

The Wizard (NPC)

Wren, the finder (Ken)

Player characters are the heart and focus of Boston: Between the Cracks. Your character and her background define not just the sort of game you will be playing, but effect the games of everyone else as well. So here are a few basic guidelines and suggestions to help you make the best character possible.

- Though not mandatory, its probably a good idea to run your character concept past the GMs before writing 10 pages of background. This gives the GMs a chance to provide suggestions, tie-ins with other characters, or to raise potential issues before you get too deep into the background. It also gives the GMs a chance to steer you towards other players who have characters who might want a tie-in with you.

- When creating your character think about goals and motivations, what, beyond survival is your character trying to do? What are their dreams, what mysteries are they trying to solve, what plans for the future do they have, who are their rivals and enemies? Answering questions like these will insure your character has focus and something to motivate them, and a reason for attending the markets.

- It is almost inevitable that the GMs will have to add or modify a bit of your character concept, most likely this will be to add plot tie-ins with other characters, or to preserve continuity of the campaign. Try to be flexible, we are doing it to create a better game for everyone, not because we hate you.

Boston: Between the cracks isn’t just going to be ‘Neverwhere with different place names’. The GMs are committed to giving this game a very Boston feel. Boston has a rich history and folklore, mysteries and disasters. Boston has its own quirks of geography and society. The GMs intend to make the fullest use of these aspects, and encourage players to develop characters which are specific to Boston as well.

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