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Hey Nobb, Ya Iím talking to you. And Ya I can see you. I can tell your new to all this so let me give you a few pointers. Iíll tell you the basics your gonna need to survive, and in exchange your gonna give me that belt you got there!

First thing you gotta know, your above money donít mean jack hear! We donít got no banks and donít care about no 401kís There are three kinds of currency down hear. First is stuff, that is stuff thatís hard to get down here, and thatís just about everything. Second is favors, If you owe me a favor then youíll pay up when I call in and Iíll do the same. Price you pay for welching is no one will do business with you no more, then you starve, or get eaten or worse. Last is service. If you can do something that someone else canít, theyíre likely to give you what you want to do it for them. Just about everybody got something they can do.

The fiefs belong to the folks who live there. If you trespass then theyíre likely to make you pay, or just kill you if they feel like it, Ain't nothing like Law men down here. Justice is what you can afford. and remember what i said about no money?

So where can you live if you canít do no trespassing? Iíll take you to the market in two days and Iíll look after you till then. You see if you can hook up with someone there. If you canít then I guess you get to live in the fringes and take your chances. The market, well that's the one place where we all swear never to do nothing against each other. We got a truce there and no one will violate it otherwise all the rest of us would come down like a ton of bricks.

Listen noob you between the cracks now, Things wonít make sense the way that they did when you had a 9 to 5. Thereís magic down here. Real magic. We got witches, and oracles and monsters and vampires and Iíve even heard told that in far away places in the below they got thing like angles and dragons. If youíre lucky you will find out your knack is something real special. If not you make your way best you can, learn to like the taste of rat and realize that every moment you get is on borrowed time. So you hungry? ya? you like cats? breast or thigh?

Boston: Between the Cracks is a theatre-style campaign LARP set in the world of Neil Gaimanís Neverwhere. The world of Neverwhere as it might have looked like in Boston. A gritty world of fantasy and wonder, darkness and horror, history and mystery.

The games last a full day, and are held twice a year in the greater Boston/Eastern Massachusetts area. games take place on Market Days, which are a mix of carnival, bazaar, and town council meeting, where the denizens of Boston Below turn out to barter for what they need, seek alliances, and trade favors.

The GMs are now accepting character concepts and backgrounds, and are happy to provide ideas, suggestions, and in truly desperate situations, entire characters.

Boston: Between the Cracks is part of the Between the Cracks campaign continuity, which includes Madison: Between the Cracks (Yes thatís Madison, Wisconsin), which runs monthly 4 hour games. If willing to travel, characters from the Boston game may appear at the Madison game (and vice versa). Plots, items, and NPCs may as well.